Tuesday 18 January 2022

Line of Gap Pillbox No. 18 (LPB 18)


LPB 18 is also referred to as Kennedy Town Gap PB 1. It was one of three line of gap pillboxes (LPB 16, 17, 18) situated in and around the gap between Mount Davis and High West. Pok Fu Lam Road runs through the gap. The PB is situated on the north eastern slopes of Mount Davis at the rear of the Chiu Yuen Cemetery. PB 17 has been demolished. PB 16 is used as a dwelling house.

A four loophole PB (Writer's collection)

Entrance door (Writer's collection) 

MG support platforms installed by Japanese  (larger than those for Vickers MG) (Writer's collection)

Possibly the blocked entrance to a Japanese tunnel (Writer's collection)

Condition:  The stone/pebble cladding remains over parts of the outside of the PB. The rock rampart is partly intact.  It has a large gun chamber accommodating four loopholes. The Japanese extended the MG mountings. There is what may be a Japanese tunnel. The Japanese must have put this PBB to use.  the loophole shutters look in good condition. The commanders observation tower is cracked on the outside. There are also cracks in the concrete roof and air-ducts. 

Location on wartime map (Writer's Collection)


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