Monday 24 January 2022

PB 19 at Middle Bay

I am in search for any traces of PB 19 at the northern end of Middle Bay. I go down some old steps beside No. 20 South Bay Road  leading  to a rocky beach some 30 metres north of the shark nets at Middle Bay.  On the way down I go past a number of WW2 type concrete stanchions for  anchoring down the barbed wire. PBs normally had a barbed wire perimeter around them and this indicated that I was on the right track.

Concrete stanchion for barbed wire fencing

Concrete stanchion and gate post

No. 20 is a new-build and even the previous building had engulfed the PB into the seaward-wall. The marked photo below shows No. 20 and the approximate position of the PB which is probably still intact but swallowed by the wall.  Rob Weir's records suggested that the LL structure was to to the right (south-east) and slightly up the hillside. Here I found what looked like military grade reinforced concrete that might have been the base of the LL. 

Position of PB 19 at Middle Bay

Reinforced concrete could this have been the base of the LL structure

This PB was part of 'C' Coy 1/Mx under Major Marsh whose Coy HQ was at Shouson Hill. The PB commander was Sgt Manning. PB 19 had engaged Japanese troops on Middle Spur and Violet Hill on 21 December. On the night of 22 December PBS, 16,17, 18, 19, 20 were ordered to evacuate their PBs and withdraw through Japanese patrols  to Stanley. by way of Stanley View.  At one stage, prior to the evacuation  PB 19 fired on PB 17 at Repulse Bay to clear Japanese troops from the roof of the PB.


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