Friday 11 February 2022

Beach Defence Unit : PB 30 and LL30 at Turtle Cove

 Site Visit:  11 February 2022

Manned by: 'B' Coy 1/Mx

Both the pillbox (PB30) and the Lyon light structure (LL30) remain in reasonable condition. They are located at Turtle Cove one of the most scenic beaches on Hong Kong Island.  A passageway protected by a stone wall links the PB and LL about 10metres apart. I was able to get inside the PB. In the PB I found the voice pipe and likewise the other end of the voice pipe was still in situ at the LL.  The voice pipe allowed communication between the LL and the PB.  A primitive system of communication but it worked and was of course used in warships. The PB has two-loopholes. Its pebble cladding (camouflage) is missing.

Turtle Cove

PB 30 a two-loophole pillbox with shutters intact but stone cladding entirely missing

Vickers MG firing positions

The rocky and stone cladded wall protecting the path to the Lyon Light structure

Inside the Lyon Light structure showing concrete fixture for the search-light

There were two retractable bunks on this wall by the steel entrance door.

Bench/shelf for generator to power the searchlight

Voice pipe in Lyon Light structure (missing the brass speaking cup)

Voice pipe exiting the Lyon Light structure and heading toward the PB

The voice pipe attached to the ceiling of the PB near the commander's observation tower

Voice pipe in the PB

The voice pipe enters the PB from the back wall



  1. Thank you for sharing, my Grand Father Harry Akers from the Royal Scots survived. His brother Monro did not. God rest their souls.

    1. The battalion (2/RS) fought very gallantly - the Shing Mun Redoubt was lost mostly because of inadequate manning - the battalion should have received the battle honours.

  2. My father who was barely 18 when he was captured. He must have been scared when the fighting was fierce.

    1. Yes so young to be plunged into the horrors they went through.